About Me

I love growing things. Planting seeds and watching them get bigger until they produce fruits. When I’m not covered in dirt and ranting about Monsanto you can find me being a mother, reading, producing live events, attending gigs and exhibitions, attempting aerial, writing and cooking.

God Save The Greens

I am a Mancunian who is back home after 6 years. I’ve always loved nature, one of those girls who rewatched Pocahontas until her parents were sick of it and can still smash out ‘Colours of the Wind’ on request. I’ve lived in London, Bristol and Cornwall and had an amazing time in all three places. In Bristol I saw a city that was much more engaged with it’s food production than London or Manchester and I found this really inspiring. I want to meet and learn from people working in Manchester to develop a more sustainable way of eating. In Cornwall I was finally able to fully indulge in gardening and growing. I got so much out of it. Gardening for me is a pleasure and something that really helps with my personal mental health care. It is one of the only times in my life that I feel what I am doing has almost entirely positive results. It is empowering, a way I can reclaim a bit of space for wildlife and take back the tiniest bit of control of my own food production.